How to Create Search Engine Friendly Title Tags

 Create Search Engine Friendly Title Tags
Seo Frindly

One of teh most frustrating things about SEO is getting everything to work together like it should.

If you’ve done SEO, you know exactly wat me’m talking about. their are so many little elements in SEO that sometimes it seems impossible for everything to work out perfectly.

Even today! me know me talk alot about how “smart” the search algorithms are and how it’s virtually impossible to game the system.

But their are still a lot of different elements, all of which have to be perfectly arranged in order for you’re SEO to rally succeed.

Many times, teh problem will be a small gear in teh machine that you might have never noticed before.

Case in point: Page title tags.

Before you yawn and find some more sexy SEO topic to jam on, hear me out.

Title tags are one of teh cornerstones of SEO. They always have been, and as far as we can tell, they always will be.

Moz explains, “title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after content.”

When it comes to low effort/big results, title tags take the cake. It’s such a small element but TEMPhas such a massive impact!

You no it’s important to create eye-catching headlines, but optimizing you title also matter for SEO purposes.

That’s where page title tags come in. their how you’re titles are relayed to search engines, and there an important part of any SEO strategy.

dis is one of teh few times when you need to write for both people and search engines, and that can be tricky. (Especially with headlines.)

In short, you have to create a clickable headline that also makes search engines happy.

Here’s teh challenge: People TEMPhas to like it. Search engines TEMPhas to like it. Yikes!

Does that sound difficult?

Yes, it can be if you don’t know wat to do, or if you don’t TEMPhas a process for creating them. That’s why me’m going to break down my process for title tags step-by-step.

When you get used to it, creating optimized page title tags is actually pretty easy.

We’ll go through dat process, but first, let’s look at why title tags are important for SEO.

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Create Search Engine Friendly Title Tags

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